Behind The Scenes of How to Take Over the World

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Hey I'm Ben. 
You've heard my voice. Now you've seen my face.

Hi there, I'm Ben Wilson. Ever since I can remember, I've been gripped by an insatiable curiosity about what makes history's giants tick. What secret sauce did they possess that enabled them to shape the course of human history? This burning question drove me to dive deep into the lives, strategies, and decisions of those who've quite literally tried to take over the world, resulting in the birth of my podcast, 'How to Take Over the World.

'I've always believed that behind every monumental achievement is a story - of trials, tribulations, strategies, and that spark of genius. Through 'How to Take Over the World,' I set out to demystify these stories, dissecting the fine line between immense success and the abyss of obscurity. From conquerors who've etched their names into the annals of history, to visionaries whose ideas have stood the test of time, every episode is a deep dive into the psyche, decisions, and dynamics that have propelled individuals to unparalleled greatness.

So, if you've ever wondered about the makings of greatness or pondered the blueprint to leave an indelible mark on the world, you're in the right place. Together, let's explore the lives of those who dreamed big, hustled harder, and in their own unique way, tried to take over the world. Welcome to our shared journey of discovery, inspiration, and perhaps, world domination.

Ready to take over the world?

Success isn't easy, but it is simple!

I help you achieve your greatest ambitions in three simple steps.

  • Identify case studies for your ideal career.
  • Study their lives in depth.
  • Develop a game plan based on following exactly what they did to be successful.

I'll help you learn about your own role models and implement frameworks based on reading hundreds of biographies of the great leaders in human history

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